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Beijing first class general agent   Baili Medical Instrument Co Ltd Tel:13629830023                   Adr:Beijing city Changping District town of Shahe Higher Education Town District Deshang Building No. six 201

General agent of Hebei Province   Yami good dental Ltd. Tel:13949531743                   Adr:Hebei province Lunan District Tangshan City street in the middle of the mountain Deshang Electric Appliance Factory Tap Water

General agent of Guangdong Province   Guangzhou Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. Tel:15915946570                   Adr:Guangzhou Liwan District flower Bay Road No. 600 state view medical instrument city two phase 1463 files

General agent of Shanxi Province   Kangerya Trading Co. Ltd. Tel:15835790160                   Adr:Room 10, room 107, Wansheng business road, civilized road, Shanxi, Houma

Tianjin first class general agent   Tianjin Jian Zhou Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. Tel:13673728931                     Adr:Tianjin city Dongli District in the town of garden Dishang rations

General agent of Sichuan province and Chongqing   Hua Wang medical instruments Co., Ltd. Tel:18508321056                   Adr:Chengdu City, Wuhou District Wuhou Avenue Tiefo 1 No. 1 unit 2 building 11 layer 1116

General agent of Jilin Province   Red sun dental equipment Trading Co., Ltd. Tel:18637226728                   Adr:Great Jing Lu, Changchun City, Jilin

Liaoning two agents   Dalian Fortune Trading Co., Ltd. Tel:15041172628                   Adr:Hongxing District, Dalian economic and Technological Development Zone, A 99-704

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