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Name: K3 File

Color: blue

Taper: 04

Model: #30

Speed: 300-500

Torque: 1.5-2.0

Length: 21/25/28/31mm


1. Avoid over-cutting the dentine.Main working area is at the 1/3 of the root tip.

2. Very unique pre-bendable technique.Make the operation easier (Especially for the patients have limitation of mouth opening.)


3. auto adaptation the root canal, reduce the root canal transportation.


4. Safety design can prevent over cutting the dentin on the root tip.Can reduce the risks as ledge formation and preforation.

5. The unique design of the thread got automatic deceleration function.Make the treatment safer.

Can be rebound when temperature higher than 60 degree. Recommend ultra high temperature process..

 Using guide:

1.Choose the starting file,work until 15#.Then use the KV file(10/20#) to build the straight path from the orifice.Measuring the WL again.Then with choose the K1(04/25#)for next step preparation.

2.Check the files before using.

3.Set the file on the contra angle. 

4.Go with enough EDTA

5.Put the file in the root canal before turn on.Use the brush technique when the file reach the WL.Make sure the file stay in the root canal less than 5 seconds. 


1、Sterilize with alcohol after using.Then go through UHT treatment.

2、Recommend UHT treatment.Do not use immersion disinfection.

3、Record the using times.Normally can use for 15~20 root canals. 


Stop using when the file is unwind.

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