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Attention! This kind of medical instruments will be inspected in large quantities!


In recent years, with the continuous progress of China's medical technology, China's medical equipment industry has also been unprecedented development, and has received widespread attention from the state and the community. On the one hand, the state support for domestic medical equipment gradually increased; on the other hand, the relevant departments have gradually increased supervision of the medical device industry, a variety of inspections flocked.

Compared with other forms of inspection, since 2017, the frequent supervision and sampling of national medical equipment has become particularly prominent.

April 19th, CFDA released the latest phase of medical device quality bulletin, which is CFDA released this month, the third phase of this year's eighth phase of medical device quality bulletin (2016 CFDA published 10 medical device quality bulletin).

According to the announcement, in 2017 eighth medical quality bulletin, CFDA on the microstructure of breast implant surgery, 2 single varieties of 54 batch of product quality supervision and sampling results, 2 varieties have been sampling substandard products out.

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