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Why are medical devices so expensive, and the medical device industry is really huge profits?


Media reports: medical devices, such as heart stents, need to be drawn up when they enter hospitals. The cost of one thousand or two thousand yuan of stents, through layers of care, this increase in the hands of the patient, it becomes twenty thousand or thirty thousand.

Intuitive view, from manufacturers, sales representatives, and then to the hospital director, department director, they are dependent on patients, making money. The patient is innocent, lying on the operating table, but also with life-saving money to keep parasites.

There are too many links in circulation and the middle cost is too high. This is the reason why medical devices are expensive. With the exposure of medical devices, many people have criticized unscrupulous businessmen.

Is there such a conspiracy? In fact, as long as there is a minimum of economic knowledge, they know these statements are not reliable.

Prices are determined by supply and demand. Since the sellers are in fierce competition, prices should tend to decrease. The problem is clearly at the end of the market, especially doctors. Medical service has a strong professional, doctors in the use of what kind of equipment, the price level, you can say, have absolute right to speak. The institutional problems in the hospital will be reflected in the doctor.

Most of China's medical service resources are concentrated in public hospitals. Public hospitals are subject to government pricing guidance, as well as managing registration fees and operating costs. The total cost should be managed, and some detailed regulations should be reported. For example, how much an operating fee, the total ceiling, but also to report the cost of details, to accept the government's income distribution guidance.

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