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Remember these six can greatly reduce the adverse events of medical devices


The medical adverse event in line with specific examples, such as: it is understood that the pre dialysis flushing pipeline in hemodialysis center, found out Water Leakage arterial extracorporeal circulation pipeline, timely replace the line, but fortunately did not cause infection accident. Through this incident, department personnel immediately notify clinical departments, immediately check the same batch of product use details.

In order to reduce the occurrence of medical device adverse events, it is necessary to further strengthen the construction of laws and regulations, and standardize the reporting procedures and management measures for adverse events. There are practical ways that hospitals can draw on them:

Establish a team system for adverse events in hospitals. Its functions are mainly the inspection, supervision and assessment of the use of medical devices in the whole hospital. The individual is responsible for the specific work, day-to-day management of hospital equipment division is responsible.

The head of each clinical department and the head nurse are responsible for adverse event monitoring. In order to make the safety monitoring work more effective, when the medical equipment is being used in different departments, the Department designated a special person to be responsible for the safety registration of the use of the equipment.

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